Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some things I love:

--SNOW! (tons of it)
--Small yippy dogs and fluffy cats
--The sound of the wind in Albuquerque
--Ghost hunting (although I've never tried it)
--Beachbody coaching and working out
--Exploring my inner craft goddess
--Hospitals (call me crazy, but I've always found comfort in hospitals)
--An ice cold pillow
--Being 100% Czech

A few things I don't love so much:

--Loud eaters and chompers
--People that are mean for no reason (especially to animals)
--Small dogs yipping
--Being hot (as in getting overheated)
--Stepping in dog poo and not finding out until you are on the highway going 55mph
--Getting up with the alarm clock
--Hearing about a kid taking his/her own life due to bullying


  1. I lack an inner craft goddess :) but i love fluffy cats, snow, and ghost hunting would be quite the thrill

  2. Dropping in to wish you a blessed Advent!


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